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3EH02163AA - Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect Large R5 - 150W

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3EH02163AA - Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect Large - 150W??

OXO Connect Evolution is an all-IP scalable phone system based on a robust, connected and converged communication platform for businesses with up to 300 users.

OXO Connect offers built-in access to the cloud-based, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ collaboration service. Together, OXO Connect Evolution and Rainbow offer customerfocused business communications and video collaboration services to all employees, wherever they may be. SMB professionals work together to respond to customer requests and can share information faster and more accurately with guests, business partners and customers.

Your business needs to be always-on: Enjoy high reliability with ALE technology that is tested and validated from phone-to-cloud. OXO Connect is optimized for costeffective and secure operations: Unified Communications and remote management are offered through an external cloud service connection.



  • Numero di interni Small
  • Scalabile
  • Supporto device OpenSip
  • Supporto Unified Comunications


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